Nikki Brooks in Free Use Multi-MILFverse - Vol. 1 Coffee

Released at: February 17, 2023 by Taboo Heat
We are not alone, this world is but one of an infinite world. The good news, our world was the first and we made clones of clones of our world. There are so many worlds, our clones made clones. Before getting too far ahead, my Step Aunt Cory and I created an interdimensional portal time traveling device. We can bounce between worlds and move back and forth through time. The one thing our Portal Device cannot do is track people. As you know from previous episodes, my Step Mom is pregnant. Nikki said the baby was mine, but we are not sure. I have been working on new portal gadgets but have had no luck finding Step Mom. This is where my Step Aunt comes in. She knows what Nikki means to me and how much I miss her. Cory will travel to our infinite worlds and bring back different versions of Nikki to keep me satisfied. Those Nikkis have no idea what is happening but this is where we start this story, Welcome to the Multi-Milfverse!

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