New to Nuru

Released at: May 9, 2016 by Fantasy Massage
The Nuru Massage Spa makes us think of relaxation, pampering, skin-on-skin slippery sexy action, but imagine if it was your first time at the famous spa! The masseuses and clients in this film are in that very position. Will the wet, soapy bodies covered in oil be enough to make these new clients into seasoned regulars? Robby Echo has never had one of these incredible treatments, but today hell discover that theres more than just relaxation. His masseuse shows him the ways of the spa, but also her amazing big boobs, and her tight, wet pussy to fuck for his first time ever! Rilynn and Karlee are new to Nuru too! Rilynn has just finished her training and is greeting her very first client. Karlee heard about the spa and decided shed rent out the Nuru Massage in order to show her hubby the sexiest experience of his lifetime. A Fantasy Massage film.

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Rilynn Rae

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