My Crazy Therapist

Released at: September 28, 2020 by VRBangers
Perhaps you have heard about Harley Quinn - or, actually, Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel - who is a crazy psychiatrist from DC series being one of the most colorful characters in the entire saga. Even though we have not produced a VR porn parody of her latest film, we have gotten inspired by her character in our brand new cum on pussy VR porn movie - creating the VR Bangers' tribute to her "charisma" with our very own version of a mad female doctor. My Crazy Therapist is the latest sexy VR porn video inside of which you are going to spend some time with Dr. Vanessa Vega - an incredibly hot teen VR porn whore who, for the needs of this VR porn fantasy, will become your very own psychiatrist at - and we are sure that even though at first you might not completely understand her therapeutic methods, you are surely going to enjoy them. The girl who is, well, pretty much horny 24/7, will try to work on your mood in her very own little cabinet - and even though you two will be spending your time together in her publicly opened private office, she does not really care whether you two are going to get caught when fucking each other's brains out to solve your self-confidence and fix her very own sexual issues. Let her give some pleasure to both herself and you inside of this amazing cumshot VR porn scene and just let her do all the work when sitting comfortably in your favorite chair with your VR headset on. We promise you that her methods are going to be extremely enjoyable and you will leave her office satisfied - and if not you can always get back to her to have yet another session and see whether it is going to help you this time! And then again, and again...

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