My Brazilian Grandma 2

Released at: May 9, 2011 by Evasive Angles
Brazil is the country of ass and beauty. What happens when these fine thangs get older and gray? We bring you the grandmas, 58 to 75 year olds! When they can't get dick like they used to, a stud like Jamaica comes through! Watch as the oldies turn into hungry wild freaks. Enjoy a combination of 450 years of age show you how it's done! Luiza gets help across the street to the hotel she's staying out. She's a redheaded Grandma and she gets more than a helping hand. Dalila is 71 years old, she falls in the hallway and is helped very a very kind man. She wants to pay him, he refuses her money. Dalila can't keep her hands off of him, nor her mouth or pussy. Silvia gets some young rock hard cock and gets it in her kitchen. Claudia Santos asks for directions to her Hotel, he offers to escort her there and more!

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