My Baby Got Back 26

Released at: August 20, 2001 by Afro-Centric Productions
**WHASSUP, BOOTY FANS?** I'll tell you whassup: 2 full hours of round dark butts, including some chocolate pounding anal sex with Obsession, Bronze an Africa in her first anal scene ever! Check out Mr. Tony Everready as the "Groove Father"...this is some funny shit that I know you'll enjoy. "my Baby Got Back" is a special series and we wanted to do something cool for y'all. There's a lotta cheap shit out there, but we won't do you like that. We're the best at giving you dope-ass delicious sistas who snow off the behind. We shoot it right so you can see it, hear it and feel it. When our girls take ca facial, YOU will be right there giving it. Afro-Centric Productions: We're about quality!

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