My Baby Got Back! 21

Released at: November 8, 2004 by Video Team (Metro)
Big, thick, full, round, ripe chocolate ass! Dominique's got it and she loves a phat dick in hers. These ain't no little white girl booties ... these are the shit: real black women, built big with some meat on 'em, with sex-freak attitudes, ready to fuck! You say you want the new booty? Check out Lexi. She was the virgin coochie in Sista 11...who's now ready to climb on 'da stick and give it a ride. By the way, those big, full titties on her are the real things. You can thank Mother Nature for that beautiful rack. She is so pretty, especially when the brotha' covers her face with hot sticky you-know-what! Welcome to Afro-centric, Lexi, here's a mouthful. Bon appetite sugar! All right Homeys, cum on in!

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