Multi-Orgasmic Mary's Interracial Creampies Vol. #17 (Sub-Hub 7)

Released at: July 14, 2007 by Frogbutt Productions
I really enjoyed this one, because my lover was able to squeeze out 4 loads, and you all know how much I love it for my hub to see me take my lovers cum deep in my pussy. But that wasn't the only reason, this lover had no problems putting my hub to good use, in fact he instructed him. While I'm riding his face, he points to his cock, indicating he should suck it, after he has my hub guide his cock into me, he tells him to eat me (that was nice of him), but it got even better when he pulled out, told my hub to suck him, then to put it back in me. He puts 3 loads in my puss and shoots one on it, hub does cleanup of course, and I give hub a BJ in between to keep him from getting blue balls. It was taped with 3 cams, 2 static and 1 handheld and runs 1:00 hr.

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