More Dirty Debutantes Volume 46

Released at: November 5, 2009 by Ed Powers Productions
The curtain opens on yet another show. Reality...Personality...Sexuality, what does it all mean? It means, Ed is back with More Dirty Debutantes. You've seen her in MDD #41, who was that girl? You've seen her in Debutante Dreams, who was that girl? Remember Jennefer? See where it all began, see her go all the way! Despite her youthful look, this woman in her twenties is provocative, tempting and capable of teasing your underwear right off your butt without the use of hands. The Nasty Master Jamie Gillis, behind the camera, exposes the innocent nature of Jennefer, introducing her to you in an unforgettable way. She's one of those private dancers that sits behind glass and helps fulfill a load of fantasies, and now she's behind the glass of your television set! Ed and the Nast Bros. Are proud to bring you this charming, youthful but mature adult personality, going ALL the way. You've seen Shandra in MDD #45, now part 2 of her debut cums to life when she takes it back, and I do mean Back, and deep with her big, hard man, Damian. See her like no other man has ever seen her. You've seen a glimpse of Christy in MDD #45, now see more! This Asian delight will cum to life vividly in your imagination! You've never seen Liz before, but you will. Another shy nature willing to go further in her sexual ways, turning another real chapter in her life with you as a witness, as your pulse races with her excitement. MDD #46 is here! Wow! Ed would like you to enjoy, after all that's what it's all about -- ENJOY!

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Ed Powers

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