Mommy's Lesson

Released at: April 20, 2016 by Taboo Passions
Stepmom's are supposed to be teaching you like any other parent should! But sometimes stepmom's are bad, and then THEY'RE the ones that need to be taught a lesson! Mommy's Lesson - Episode 1: I went home to pick up a couple of video games to take to my friend's house and I overheard my stepmom talking on the phone. I quietly opened the door a little to check on her and I heard her talking to the pool guy about coming over to fuck. WTF! This slut is cheating on my dad while he is out of town. She told the pool guy she was going to leave the back door open for him to sneak in and take her. She wanted him to surprise her. Well, I have a better idea, I'm going to surprise her! I waited around for the perfect moment. She put on a sexy black satin nightie with no panties on. What a slut my mom is! She went in the kitchen and the phone rang, it was my dad on the line. I took a look to see where she was and her back was turned toward me, now is my chance. I went up behind her and bent her over unexpectedly. I grabbed her by the neck so she could not look back at me. I fucked her while she was lying through her teeth to my dad. I'm going to teach her a lesson about cheating on my dad! I fucked her hard for a few minutes and when she was really enjoying it, I turned her head around to see me, she was horrified and pissed off. I would not let her go until I came all over her slutty nightie! Mommy's Lesson - Episode 2: My stepmom is always cheating on dad and whoring around the neighborhood. While she is sleeping I go through her phone to find evidence. This stupid slut actually recorded herself fucking on her cellphone. Its time she has learned another lesson. I go in her room and bitch slap her to wake her up. I show her the video and she starts mouthing off. I don't want to hear anything she has to say, so I grab her by the hair and shove my cock in her mouth. I make her gag and choke on it. I throw her back on the bed and fuck her hard. I smack her around and choke her a little to make sure she learns her lesson! I cum all over her hairy pussy and rub all in her face. Now we will see if she cheats again! The first episode released of a 5 episode series. Mommy's Lesson Episode 3: Hello, is anyone here? Freddie? Come here, I need your help. I threw my back out at the gym. Can you please massage my lower back? Yes, right there. Thank you, that feels good. My phone begins to ring and my son answers it. He thinks it is someone I am having an affair with but I promise stepson, it is not. He gets pissed off and pulls my pants down and spanks my ass hard. How dare you! You do not know what you are talking about. Freddie does not believe me and rolls me over and puts me in a scissor hold as he rubs my pussy. I think he just wants me and he is jealous. My son is a complete pervert. I try to stop him but he is too strong. He fucks me hard and then cums all over me. I think he is just addicted to my pussy. What have I done to deserve a son like this! I have not cheated since my last lesson son!

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