Mom's Guide to Sex 12

Released at: October 11, 2022 by Crave Media
When Kit catches her bratty redheaded stepdaughter Lacy fucking her boyfriend, she threatens to tell Lacy's dad; but Lacy knows just how to shut her stepmom up - she lets her suck and fuck her boyfriend's fat cock! When Oliver and Katie start fighting over Eliza's attention, Eliza comes up with a plan to keep the youngsters satisied; this stunning MILF suggests that threesome will keep everyone happy. Kayla catches her stepdaughter Vanessa's boyfriend jerking off and is shocked at the size of his cock; soon Kayla and Vanessa are sharing that huge hunk of meat! When Laney catches a peak at her stepbrother's cock she can't stop thinking about it; when her stepmom Syren catches Laney fulfilling her fantasies with her stepbrother, she decides that if teens are going to fuck, they might as well learn how to do it right!

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