Mistress Destiny's Pets

Released at: January 19, 2000 by Bizarre Entertainment
When the Mistress is away the pets will play. Destiny's two pets engage in some hot lesbian action, kissing, fondling and spanking each other until Mistress walks in and catches them in a 69 position with their faces buries in each other's furry muffs. It's to the dungeon with them to be stripped and wrapped in cellophane. Mistress Destiny and Lady K have a new Toy to play with. While the two pets watch they teach the new one how to serve a Mistress. She is trained with a paddle and clothes pins and soon learns it's easier to suck tits and lick pussy than to piss off the Mistresses. At the end of play the new pet is joined to the two other with additional cellophane wrapping and left for the night.

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