Miss Star 9

Released at: November 12, 2009 by JohnnyNova.com
If you like "Miss Star", you will LOVE this video. If you don't like "Miss Star", you will LOVE this video! She's in a community center while most of the admin people are out to lunch. This gave her a very nice opportunity to dangle off her high heels, massage her stocking covered feet & show off her nice sexy leg. She even dances around in her stocking feet and loses her shoe on the staircase. Then, she sits on the passenger side of the car and shows off her sexy legs and dangling heels with her skirt cranked up to show off her delicious black pantyhose! Is there anything sexier than black pantyhose or stockings and white high heels? If you feel the same way, you should enjoy this sexy video of "Miss Star 9"!

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