Meet Caroline Pierce

Released at: August 26, 2009 by Stevi's Secrets
Spend an intimate moment with Caroline Pierce as she prepares for a show at Stevi Secret's Cabaret club. Scene 2 starts with her in her dressing room, talking about whatever comes to mind as she puts in her piercings, selects her outfits and accessories and puts her makeup on. She practices her routine in the living room, loving the camera as she belly dances and performs a striptease. Scene 3 sees her masturbating for you before showering and heading off to the show. Scene 5 is the actual show and striptease where Caroline Pierce puts all those hours of practice to the test. Includes footage from PAW 2003. Fans of Caroline should also check out Scene 4, a photomontage of her appearances at various conventions.

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Scene1: 00:06:32 - 00:17:37 (11:05)

Scene2: 00:17:37 - 00:46:32 (28:55)

Scene3: 00:46:32 - 00:56:32 (10:00)

Scene4: 00:56:32 - 01:24:14 (27:42)

Scene5: 01:24:14 - 01:46:57 (22:43)