Massage Feast

Released at: July 10, 2021 by Digital Videovision
Alli Rae has a handsome neighbor who enjoys giving the best full body massages to cute girls who love to get oil rubbed all over them, and get a good fuck to end. She gets so aroused by all the touches on all the right places, you will cum just looking at Alli Rae's expressions of total sensual pleasure on her face. Emily has heard from friends that her neighbor David is an excellent masseur, so she pays him a visit to see for herself. Towards the end of her massage Emily asks for something special. She asks for a happy ending, so David is sure to do just that, giving her a very happy ending Creampie Massage. Alana takes a nice sensual shower in exciting anticipation of knowing she is getting a massage by her handsome neighbor. Towards the end of getting oiled up in all the right places she asks for a special massage, so David stretches her wide open to starts with her Clit Massage and ends with her tasting cum.

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