Marie Leone

Released at: December 8, 2015 by Rodney Moore Clips
"Big Boob Blowjob" featuring Marie Leone & Rodney Moore- Beautiful, super busty and black Marie Leone comes over to Rodney's for a massage. He spies on her on the security cam while she undresses and releases those crazy hot and huge mammaries. He starts in with his usual butt massage and how many muscles need massaging there! She protests for a second but is really enjoying this very different massage. Next up the breast massage. Rodney says it releases two tons of tension. He plays with her two ton tits, making those luscious things bounce and roll hypnotically. He all of the sudden just puts his dick on her pretty face. She starts laughing and then wants to take on that huge prick. She starts to suck it and give it a handjob. Rodney asks her if she will just shake her glorious tits around for a bit for him and she does before she goes back to sucking him off big time. She stares right up at Rodney with her beautiful open eyes and waits for his big white load to hit her sweet little black face.

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