Lover's Guide to Self Pleasuring, A

Released at: January 1, 2000 by Adam & Eve
The "deep dark" secret is out. Masturbation is a key to sexual growth and can redefine your idea of "sex". Dr. Beverly Whipple and Dr. Eli Coleman host this exciting video exploration, dispelling myths, defining healthy benefits, and describing the hottest techniques for self-pleasuring. Learn about male masturbation devices to strongly enhance orgasm. See how men can delay orgasm using the clinically-proven Stop-Start method. Mastering this technique can prolong sex for both partners. Watch as real couples play out a phone sex fantasy, perform an adventurously delightful striptease, and demonstrate mutual passion by using well-selected toys. Once you understand what turns you on, you can better share it with your lover. Together, you can heighten your satisfaction during lovemaking and discover a whole new world of sexual fulfillment.

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