Loose Morals 2

Released at: May 27, 2003 by Visual Images
Do you have loose morals? What are loose morals? How do porn stars really feel about having sex in front of the camera? What is it that really turns them on? Just how far are they willing to go to satisfy their sexual appetites? "Loose Morals 2" Answers these questions and more! This is a fuck-umentary that candidly exposes the world of the porn star, finding out what makes them tick, what makes them stars. The questions are direct, the answers are unrehearsed and frank and the sex is volcanic! Also mixed in with excellent interviews and amazing sex are some wonderful classic film segments that act as an introduction to each scene and definitely prove that sexual acts on film have been around since the beginning of motion pictures themselves.

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Scene1: 00:02:09 - 00:33:29 (31:20)

Scene2: 00:37:46 - 00:54:13 (16:27)

Scene3: 00:54:14 - 01:10:44 (16:30)

Scene4: 01:10:45 - 01:25:53 (15:08)