Let's Go to the Gyno

Released at: January 1, 2004 by Lust Productions
A young, sexy woman enters her gynecologist's office for a routine appointment. There is immediate chemistry and both doctor and patient know that this won't be any routine exam! The good doctor massages a young, blonde patient's breasts, most likely searching for a lump. The other woman searches manually deep inside her pussy for any clues. The dark-haired woman moves and takes over the breast exam for the doctor while he continues to probe his patient's pussy - with his fingers and tongue. Both doctor and nurse attack the patient's nipples with their hungry mouths. The patient seems to be enjoying this exam more than the average one. In a startling turn of events, the patient now sucks her nurse's fat tits. Not neglecting her duties, the nurse removes the good doctor's pants and gives him some oral pleasure. Being a consummate professional, our faithful nurse eagerly swallows the good doctor's cock, trying desperately to get him hard so that he'll be able to give his patient a thorough and proper examination. Meanwhile, the patient is anxiously waiting for the conclusion to her exam. The patient sits up and offers a urine sample for her doctor and her nurse. After years of schooling, the good doctor knows how to fuck a willing cunt. He thrusts his cock in and out of his patient's pussy. This treatment is guaranteed to help relieve both stress and the anxiety caused by stress. Knowing that he'll receive no compensation from his patient's HMO, the good doctor fucks every last penny's worth from her hot, wet pussy. After proper "treatment," the good doctor strokes his meat vigorously, offering his protein prescription.

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