Let Her See Us

Released at: July 30, 2020 by MissaX
Blair Williams has had her eyes on her best friend's husband, Dean Taylor, for a long time now, has been waiting for the perfect moment to seduce him. Her friend is out of town, Dean is back at home, alone, and so she comes over unannounced and rings the doorbell. Dean is taken aback by her. He's always found Blair to be beautiful but Blair's seduction is going right over his head. Blair asks him, "Do you mind if I borrow her white dress, the one she wore at the holiday party?" Dean replies, "Sure.. let me give her a call." Blair's eyebrows jump in alarm, "Oh! Don't bother her, she knows I'm coming." Blair goes into the closet and insists on trying the dresses on for Dean. Which one will be the best dress? The moment Dean peaks at her undressing in the closet, she knows he's been captured-- now it's time to seal the deal. Watch the story unfold..

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