Lesbian Halfway House

Released at: July 8, 2009 by Sweetheart Video
These lesbian jailbirds know just how to test the limits of their probation - and their lustful desires. Are they troubled young girls ready to return to society, or should Nica extend their stay at the halfway house? Satine is tired of Trinity losing their TV privileges, but Trinity shows the exotic beauty a for more pleasurable way to pass time. Meanwhile, new girl Elexis claims she never committed a crime, but tough talking Annmarie isn't buying it. Will Annmarie break down Elexis' defenses? Or will sociopath girlfriend Sinn Sage discover their tryst? Reformed bad girl Zoe Britton reaches out to traumatized Misty Stone, but gets more than a heart-to-heart talk with the young vixen. A tale of young bad, lesbians trying to behave.

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