Latex Dreams Sadistic Star Miss Mya

Released at: May 13, 2010 by Fatal Femdom Movies
Scene 1 - Queen Commands - Miss Mya in skin type latex and thigh high boots walks the chess board as the black queen. Having dominated the white king, she moves back over to her side to celebrate with one of her pawns. She pulls the penis gagged and rubber straight jacketed gimp to the floor and manhandles his cocks for her pleasure. She knees, squeezes and hits his balls and delightedly watches him squirm. She pulls him by his cock to a swinging platform out of the sun where she strokes and deep throats his face penis while tugging and teasing his lower cock. When she has his cock hard and throbbing for release, she binds it tight and ties it to the sides of the swing. Evil little Miss Mya plays the ropes like a harp, sending her pawn on a painful ride. Then she gets the platform swaying, so the anchoring ropes tug at this poor slave's balls while she laughs and lounges on his tormented torso. Scene 2 - P. S. I. - Seductive and dominant vixen Miss Mya is scantily clad in a latex bikini as she exploits her sensuality in the hot island sun. She kneels at the vac bed and commands a hot young slave to manifest for her pleasure. He is laid out and exposed to her touch as she lubes the latex surface, teasing him from head to toe and driving him wild as she tickles his cock and sits and grinds on it with only the thin layers of latex separating his cock from her sweet sex. She adds hot stinging lashes of her crop, adding some sour to the sweet. He's completely vulnerable to having the soles of his feet and his balls and nipples attacked. When she tickles him, the vac bed buckles but still holds and restrains him from running from her touch. She hoods him and moves to her other slave who stands in an inflated straight jacket and she probes and probes his young eager body. She hoods him as well before she pulls out his cock and has fun twisting and pulling and pounding his balls. She has these two slaves teased and hard and lays this one out between the legs of the slave in the vac bed so their cocks rub while she laughs and sits on the slave's face.

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