KissMe Girl: Chase & Rilynn

Released at: May 20, 2015 by KissMe Girl
Always great fun to find and add new girls to the sites! It's very safe to say that we've discovered another top notch girl for KissMe Girl. We pretty much knew right away that Chase Ryder would be good for us! Chase is super hot, loves girls and she's blessed with an amazing tongue! Plus, Chase probably has some of the nicest boobs you've ever laid your eyes on, they're nearly perfect. Of course, Rilynn is always a favorite, she's tall, sexy and has a strong appetite for all things women. Not to mention that we call her The Mad Humper for a reason. Scene highlights include plenty of passionate tongue kissing, tongue sucks, some deep kisses, killer breast worship, horny humping and more. These two girls had never played together before and they showed how much they were looking forward to it in the scene. Chase is very nice addition to the sites with her stunning good looks and a tongue that's perfect for KissMe Girl. Keep the requests coming and we'll do our best to get it done and satisfy your kissing cravings, and pass along your thoughts as always. Enjoy.

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