Kayden Kross J/O Panty

Released at: August 25, 2010 by Playtime Video
In her hot pink mini dress and tan thigh highs, gorgeous Kayden Kross purrs "is it getting hard for me?" as she rubs her pussy through cute, pink thong panties. She bends as the panties part her perfect ass. She lifts up her legs and lets you have a whiff of her nylon covered toes. Hot over the camera and fist to panty crotch views before she takes control of the camera as she tugs hard at her panties before she slides them down her smooth legs. Second scene, Kayden lifts her plaid school skirt to expose her ass encased in yellow cotton bikini panties. "Do you want to beat off on my tits?" as she squeezes them. Super up close panty crotch play as she stands right over you. "Are you beating it to me?" as she looks deep into your eyes. A quick change into sheer white nylon bikini panties as she points her ass in your face. "Beat your dick for me" before these also disappear and she poses for you in the nude. Third scene, we catch Kayden stretching in her pink stretch pants. Hot ass and crotch close ups as she stands above you as she peels off the tights and tugs hard at her pink thong panties. More hot up shots as she says "come on my panties right now!" and you oblige. She poses to please before and after these panties slip off and she dangles them in your face. Last scene, Kayden towers over you in her blue bra and panty set. "Is this what you beat off to every day?" she belittles. She lays back and rubs her pussy through her panties to keep you jacking as she holds the camera. "Fuck that hand!" as she turns over you before she strips. and the panties hit the floor. Hot!

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