Katie's Star Lollipop

Released at: August 15, 2022 by SwallowBay
Take on good look at Katie and you can tell right away that this girl is a nurturer. It's in every single thing that she does. This is a woman who's always there to make you feel better and give you everything that you need to be happy. It doesn't matter if it's a pat on the back or a passionate mouth massage that leaves your balls so drained that they're deflated for the next three weeks. This is a brunette who knows what men need and this giving babe is never going to turn them away, even when she's not in the mood to get cum on her brand new striped stockings. If it happens, it's just part of what it takes to be the kind of girl that you can always turn to when your cock is throbbing and you're in need of a warm and friendly mouth. Just watch the way this mouth girl works on her star shaped lollipop and you'll know that this is one VR video that you really can't pass up. Katie's light, grey eyes are begging you to let her make everything alright and the only thing you have to do is sit back and let her lips and tongue take you away to a much better place. Just make sure that you're ready to give her every last drop of sperm that you have in your nuts. If she doesn't fully empty them out with her suck job then this perfectionist is going to feel like she let you down. That's the last thing that anyone wants to do to her. This girl is just too sweet and too giving of a person to make her feel like Katie doesn't have the most satisfying mouth on the planet. Hold it back for as long as it takes to get all of your cum ready to blast off into her face. It's the only way that you can really thank her for her generosity.

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