Joe Pusher's White Girls #7

Released at: June 28, 2009 by Joe Pusher Video
This video contains real unedited footage of actual amateur porn auditions, this volume featuring five first time white girls. This may be their first time on camera, but these girls certainly aren't amateur cock suckers! Make sure to watch fresh faced first timer nineteen year old Stephanie in scene three, where she doesn't even leave the car for her audition with Joe. Also check out scene four, a three-way between Joe, Courtney and Genivive.

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Scene1: 00:00:02 - 00:15:27 (15:25)

Scene2: 00:15:27 - 00:36:31 (21:04)

Scene3: 00:36:31 - 00:52:37 (16:06)

Scene4: 00:52:37 - 01:28:40 (36:03)