Jerky Girls Vol. 28 - The Jerky Girls Next Door!

Released at: October 21, 2010 by Jerky Girls
Country Girl This Country Girl takes no Prisoners!!!! A poor, un-suspecting boy has his car break the middle of he knocks on the door of this old farm house, and asks to use the phone. The Farmer is not home....only his Young, Jerky Daughter....who NEVER gets to see a boy!!! So.....after telling him to remove his shoes before entering...Cheyenne Knocks him out!!!!!! He awakens in Her Dad's "Trophy Room" tied up...and surrounded by Hunting Cheyenne proceeds Her words...."Take all the sperm out of you!!". Cheyenne Beats the cum out of the boy....and then calls Her Sister to have a Pull!!!!! JERKING FOR DOLLARs!! Ashley is going door to door, raising money for The Jerky Girls Of America Annual Shopping trip. Each year...all the Girls raise money for a Shopping doing "stuff" to boys. Ashley reads the "menu" to this boy...." For $20 you can Kiss My Feet.....for $40 I'll show you My Tits.....for $60 I'll Jerk you Off.....for $80 I'll Suck you Off.......for $100 you can Lick My Asshole....etc" This boy wants to help support The Jerky Girls Of America...but he only has $60...."Hey that's no problem....I LOVE Jerking-Off boys" Ashley tells him as She takes his money and Jerks the cum out of him. On to the next door.......... Jerk Thy Neighbor's COCK!!! Danielle has moved to a new neighbourhood. She wakes up Her first morning in Her new house, and realizes that She has no sugar for Her coffee....and a Girl as Sweet as Danielle NEEDS sugar in Her coffee!! She knocks on Her next door neighbours door, and asks if She can "borrow" some sugar. The neighbour agrees.......what boy turns down a Girl with BIG TITS??? Anyway....Danielle notices that this boy is a "Tall drink of water" She asks if She could start the day by Yanking his semen out of him....the preferred method of starting the day for ALL Jerky Girls. The boy agrees...and little Danielle proceeds to masturbate the Stranger until he makes a sperm puddle on his kitchen floor!!!! I think Danielle will like this neighbourhood!!!!! MY ROOMMATE JERKS!! Jerky Girls like to share with their Girlfriends......even when it comes to boyfriends!!! Kylie's boyfriend has arrived to take Princess Kylie out on a date. Her Roommate, Noel has not Jerked-Off a boy for quite some time....and NEEDS to Jerk-Off a boy!!! So.....since Kylie has a boyfriend....She decides to let Noel Pull him. With Kylie watching, Noel Jerks the boy until he sprays a big geyser of boy goo!!!! Noel thanks Kylie for the Pull....and all is well again in Jerkyville!! :) NEW GIRL IN TOWN!!!! There's a New Girl In Town!!!! Her name is Heather, and She is asking Her next door neighbour for a favour. Her phone and cable aren't hooked up She asks Justin if She can use his phone to call the cable company. Heather is able to arrange a hook up date.....then She confides a secret to Justin. Apparently there is a boy in town She has a crush on...and wants to Jerk-Off....but She hasn't Jerked for a She asks Justin if She can "practise" on him. He agrees, and Heather gets his pants off and goes to work. Turns out....Jerking-Off boys is like riding a bike!!!!! Heather re-acquires Her touch big She makes him Shoot a geyser...."WOW!!!!you Jerk-Off REAL good.....never mind that other're right next door....I'll just come over here and Jerk you Off 4 times a day!!" What can we say....The New Girl In Town is a JERKY GIRL!!!!

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