Jerky Girls Vol. 19 - Jerky Girls Rule!

Released at: August 25, 2010 by Jerky Girls
Lola is in HEAT! This Sexy Vixen needs to get Fucked, and Fast! So, Lola & Nixon have a plan. The Girls decide they will go out, find a boy, flash their Boobs to lure him back to their Dungeon and tie him up so Lola can Fuck his brains out! Once the victim is in place, Lola Sucks his cock to get it hard, while Nixon Smothers him to keep him quiet. Once he is hard, Lola Mounts him and rides him like a Wild Woman until She has a Powerful Orgasm. Once She has satisfied Herself the only way She can when She is in Heat like this, the Girls discuss what they should do with their victim. Since She will probably need him again since Her Heat Cycle lasts a few days, they decide to Milk him, which should make him fall asleep, and then go out Dancing and come back and Fuck him again! Jaden is out jogging when this pig, this stupid, stupid boy makes some kind of wisecrack about Her Ass (Her PERFECT Ass btw). Jaden, of course, doesn't take any crap from boys, so She knees the asshole in the groin and while he is stunned She takes off Her belt and ties him to a tree! Once he is tied to the tree, Jaden taunts him and Jerks him Off against his will until he surrenders all his cum to Her. Then Jaden tells him that She is going to leave him there, pants down, tied to a tree, Jerked-Off for all to see. The stupid, masturbated boy makes another comment so Jaden gives him a series of Hard Slaps to his face! Alexis shows this poor, chained slave boy what a Mean Bitch She can be! She is going to administer his weekly Milking, so She puts Her Foot up on Her Milking Stool and proceeds to Masturbate the slave's cock. As always, of course, slave boy MUST ask for permission to cum. Alexis is in a Cruel, Mean Mood so as slave boy nears the end of his rope he asks for permission to cum. Alexis says, "No," but keeps Jerking. Again he asks, "No," is Her response, as Her Jerking continues. Slave boy is now in panic mode; he is screaming and begging for permission. Alexis again says, "No," while continuing to Masturbate him. FINALLY, the inevitable happens despite his begging for permission and fighting his body not to cum. He is Jerked past the point of no return and his body goes into spasm, culminating in a non-sanctioned ejaculation all over the floor! Mistress Alexis scolds him for ejaculating without permission, SLAPS his face really hard, and Compelled him to clean up his disobedient mess. He will now have to wait 2 WEEKS before another Milking is granted! Alexis is one Mean Bitch! Stacey knows that basements are for men. That is why she keeps her SLAVE down in that dark dreary place. Today is his MILKING DAY so Stacey stands over him and dominantly jerks out the slaves CUM! The slave has a whole week's worth of CUM in his BALLS and it squirts a stream of goo all over Stacey's basement floor. Now that that chore is done, Stacey orders the SLAVE BOY to clean up his mess good or she'll make him wait two weeks for his next milking and you that will be a BIG ONE! Heather is selling Cookies for the Jerky Girls Of America and this stupid boy refused to buy some! That is NOT acceptable behavior. So Heather abducts him, brings him to Her basement, ties him up and gets REVENGE! Heather smashes him in the face HARD and REPEATEDLY! Heather screams at him. She covers his mouth and tells him to SHUT UP! Heather knows how to "alter" a boy's outlook; She Masturbates him against his will. Heather keeps Jerking, Face Slapping, Berating and Smothering the boy until he is Compelled to Ejaculate. Then Heather moves in for the finale and he agrees to buy ALL Her Cookies! Jerky Girls know how to make the sale!

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