Jelly Vol. 13

Released at: August 10, 2009 by Kick Ass Pictures
Jelly, man, it's what it gots to be. Lissen up, nigga. Don't be bringin no skinny ass white bitches round here. You'll get yer ghetto pass revoked. No self respectin hood nigga will be caught dead with nuthin but a butt big enough to have "wide load" pasted on da bitch's pants. Don't matter none if dey's cottage cheese, or if da bitch's ass cheeks is tight as an African drum. It's all good, so long as it's all phat ass. Ya feel me? If you want to see what I'm preachin, pop this DVD in, Bra. Welcome to the jelly world.

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Scene1: 00:01:45 - 00:25:30 (23:45)

Scene2: 00:25:40 - 00:45:35 (19:55)

Scene3: 00:45:40 - 01:04:50 (19:10)

Scene4: 01:05:00 - 01:24:50 (19:50)

Scene5: 01:24:55 - 01:43:10 (18:15)