Jake Pops Two Cherries

Released at: March 10, 2017 by NaughtyAllie
You guys are really gonna love this one! Jake and I hooked-up with this hot blonde we met not too long ago. We saw her while we were hanging out in the lounge at our hotel one day. Jake was actually the first to see Joy and he pointed her out to me saying, "I think I'd like to fuck that blonde over there, the one with the big tits". My reply to him was, "Go for it, just make sure you save some for me". Anyway, the two of us seduced her as a team and after a few drinks and a bit of small talk at the hotel bar we invited Joy up to our room for a naughty little private party. Once we got up to the room and started undressing we realized that both Joy and I were wearing cherry themed underwear, thus the title "Jake Pops Two Cherries". I mean come on, we all know I'm not a virgin and I think it's pretty fucking safe to say this wasn't Joy's first time riding a cock either. Joy and I got things started by dropping to our knees and sucking Jake's cock and balls together. Once we had him good and hard I mounted him reverse cowgirl style and began bouncing up and down on his dick while Joy ran the camera. After getting off several times it was only fair that I took over on the camera so that Joy could take her turn fucking my husband. Jake bent her over the couch and entered her from behind. He started out slowly at first but then he started slamming his cock in and out of her tight little fuck hole so hard and fast that he had Joy cumming all over his cock in no time at all. After he had completely satisfied Joy I decided I wanted to get fucked again so I got on all fours in front of Jake and presented him with my soaking wet hole, which he immediately began fucking with a vengeance. We ended our threesome with Joy when Jake finally couldn't take it any longer. He pulled out of my pussy and shot his load all over my face, tits, and stomach. We had an awesome time with Joy that day and you better believe you'll be seeing a lot more of her on my site. I've already arranged for our next date with Joy in a few weeks and you know I'll be sure to capture the whole encounter to share with everyone on my site. ~Kisses, Allie

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