Jade Pussycat, The

Released at: March 10, 2001 by I-Candy
Hard-boiled adventure and hard-core action go hand in hand in ~~The Jade Pussycat~~. John Holmes recreates his world famous role as detective Johnny Wadd, pitting himself body and soul (mostly body) against a wave of dangerous criminals and dazzling dames. Hired by a beautiful seductress from his past, John sets out to find her missing brother, Paul. But all too soon, John is sucked into a malevolent web of deadly betrayal and deceit when he uncovers a sinister plot involving a priceless Chinese artifact called ~~The Jade Pussycat~~ - and an equally priceless Oriental beauty named Jasmine. Eventually, John's sleuthing leads him to a climatic showdown with a deadly madam played by porn superstar Georgina Spelvin. Their sizzling confrontation ignites the screen with unprecedented passion, and brings the intriguing tale to its truly unique climax.

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