It Happened In Vegas

Released at: March 25, 2022 by Mack Kensington Studios
Strokies presents a fishnet-wrapped Richelle Ryan handjob! This video begins with her heartbreaker butt jiggling and looking just good enough to eat. Our guy says he's speechless and we concur! Richelle is having a blast in Las Vegas, and she tells us all about her experience in the adult industry and how she's best known for her ass but also for her tits, which in this case are wrapped up elegantly in a pink and black lace push-up bra. Mmm! Just unbelievable. She says what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but whatever happens in this room will live on forever here on Strokies! Richelle whips out her mind blowing fake tits, squeezes her nipples, and demonstrates how they jiggle when she jumps up and down! Then the matching panties come off and all is revealed to the world! Love it when she slingshots her panties at the camera and our guy calls her a dork! Very cute. She can be so sensual and yet so adorable. In an instant she's on the floor promising to do really bad things to his cock, and then sliding her tits around his shaft to get him off to an amazing start. This babe is an absolute pro. She has great technique, playing with the balls and running her nails on them, and plenty of spit to keep everything slip-slidey. She really worships the cock and we at Strokies really appreciate that! Her stroking gets more and more intense until he pops like champagne all over her massive titties! Cheers!

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