Iron Throat - Alexis

Released at: October 21, 2020 by Richard Mann Clips
This slut is named Alexis May and let me tell you she has one of the sloppiest throats I have ever had the pleasure of fucking. She had sent me an email saying she's seen a few of my movies and always wanted her throat fucked hard and would I do it. Of course I would. She thought it was just going to be a deep throat but I had plans for this whore. I brought my mask, the same one I made Raven Black wear, and made her wear it and not only that but I made her bark and walk like a dog too. After all she told me she wanted to be "used and owned by monster cock," those are her words. I did just that. This little slut gagged, slobbed and choked me down further than she has any cock before. I broke this whore's throat and in the end she thanked me. This is TRUE throat ownership and usage, a must get for those who love seeing sluts put to the test.

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