Intruder, The

Released at: July 5, 2011 by Bordellonoir
One man's descent into the dark sensual netherworld of Hedonism. **Rip Rectum**, as Tomas is the brooding shell of a man drawn to the mysterious flame of hidden orgiastic fury. He is invited to indulge himself in the exotic Bacchanal, usually reserved for the rich and powerful. British ass fucking superstar, **Layla Jade** is in top form during her dynamite performance with Rectum. **Courtney Chambers** is at her best EVER! Newcomer **Julia Jardin** makes an erotic debut and **Dino Bravo** does not disappoint. Santini's direction and lighting provide the incredible hypnotic effect that has become his trademark. A brilliant musical score by Channel provides the perfect dark ambience.

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