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Released at: June 4, 2022 by Digital Videovision
Kate has the hots for the Spanish stallion who makes her so very horny. She just wants to fuck like there is no tomorrow. Admire how these two love birds fuck each other really good in this interactive video to satisfy their sexual thirst until she is fucked upside down to give special effect to a huge cum load. Bridgette is a sexy married woman who loves to fulfill her sexual fantasies in front of the camera, and even better in POV style, so she can show off her big rock wedding ring while she gives you a delicious blow job. Feast yourself in her horny fantasy until your cum is all over her huge tits! Nicole comes to us from Tennessee with a very sexy Southern heavy accent. She tells us that she really enjoys tasting fresh Pussy Juice on a hard throbbing cock right after we make her come by fucking her hard. We make sure to fulfill her request to come on her face, mouth and tits with a fresh load of cum.

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