Insatiable Lips

Released at: May 18, 2022 by Premium X
Dont be fooled. Just because these glamorous pussy dolls look like theyre above carnal interests, doesnt actually mean that they are. Indeed, as anyone whos watched a Premium X offering before already knows, nothing could be further from the case. Truth is the likes of Candy Strong, Clara G and Kyra Banks have an almost insatiable appetite for cock, and will do pretty much anything to enjoy as much dick as they possibly get their hands on. The result is exactly the kind of no-holds-barred filth-fest thats presented here; as one gorgeous beauty after the next succumbs to their lust for schlong time and again. Suffice it to report, holes get stuffed over and over; with dick after dick unleashing a torrent of spunk for a sticky finale!

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Scene1: 00:00:07 - 00:35:46 (35:39)

Scene2: 00:35:48 - 01:06:45 (30:57)

Scene3: 01:06:48 - 01:35:27 (28:39)

Scene4: 01:35:29 - 02:05:24 (29:55)


Kyra Banks

Scene5: 02:05:26 - 02:37:31 (32:05)

Scene6: 02:37:35 - 03:07:09 (29:34)


Clara G.