I Want To Show You How Much I've Grown...

Released at: November 14, 2019 by My Pervy Family
The wife and I have been losing the love we once had for each other. We get along for the most part and we're till together, trying to make things work between us. And honestly I thought that we were heading in the right direction with our relationship. We've both been more involved in our kids lives and spending time together as a family. Our daughter is so wonderful and has all of the amazing characteristics of her mother. She's intelligent and daring, and always has a smile on her face! Unlike my wife however, my daughter seems to appreciate me so much. We have such a great connection, sometimes I feel closer with her than her mother. I feel terrible for even thinking that way, but I feel as though my wife has lost her attraction towards me. Our sex life is practically non-existent and I usually have to beg to screw her in the first place! And half the time she's rushing me as if she's got somewhere else to be. But all of this just makes me so thankful for having an incredible daughter like Riley. My daughter never asks me for anything and when she does, she's eternally grateful towards me. Just the other day, I had to run some papers to her that she forgot at home. Of course I'd do anything for my little girl, that's what fathers are for. Plus it was my day off so it really was no skin off my back to make sure she has what she needs for class. After talking to my daughter, she let me know that she heard her mother and I arguing in our room. She found out about our unfruitful sex life from us bickering and I couldn't be more embarrassed! I don't know exactly how much she heard, but she heard enough to know that her mom wasn't so keen on having sex with me anymore. When Riley offered to help me in the sack, it was useless trying to turn her down. She's so undeniably cute sucking on her lollipop, I had to see those lips wrapped around me next!

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