I Want to Be a Dream Girl 55

Released at: August 24, 2009 by Dream Girls
We pick up Tina Lynn and go for a ride. She flashes her tits in the backseat and then tells up about her first three-some. Her favorite part was eating her girlfriend's pussy and having her return the favor. Upon arrival to her school she flashes outside, then takes us for a tour inside and flashes again in some hallways and classrooms. "I am going to get kicked out of school for this." During lunch Tina lets up film up her skirt while she is eating, she even takes her panties off so we can get a better view. After lunch she changes into a new outfit "Team Pink" she stops somewhere downtown to flash her tits and pussy. Next stop is the top of the parking garage, where we ask her to use the "Smack, Grab, Squeeze, Spread" method on her ass. She gladly obliges and then proceeds to finger herself after she tells us about some of her sexual preferences. For the first time ever Tina tries a dildo. She is a little bashful at first so she employs the helping hands of the camera woman. She exclaims "Actually it feels kind of good!" as she works the big, purple, vibrating dildo deep in and out of her creaming pussy.

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