I Want to Be a Dream Girl 33

Released at: August 22, 2006 by Dream Girls
Do you know what you get when you put a set of 34 DDD whopper tits on a girl that's 5' 1" tall? ... A traffic stopper! Take off her clothes, and you're bound to create accidents and mayhem! Mindy's adventure begins with a topless stroll down the beach. She literally stops traffic while she massages her body with lotion while sitting on the trunk of our car. Mindy proves she's an exhibitionist as she rides around town topless in our convertible and then roller blades topless on one of Tampa's busiest streets. Next, Mindy picks out her favorite toys from a local erotic toyshop before we go inside for some up close and personal views. Mindy tells up all about her sexuality and gives us a flexibility demonstration - she used to be a contortionist in the circus! Mindy takes us into the bedroom where she masturbates to orgasm with deep anal penetration. You'll just have to see it to believe it! Finally, Mindy takes a hot bubble bath and shaves her legs and pussy, and then soaps up her big fun bags! This is one DreamGirls that we'll not soon forget!

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