I Want to Be a Dream Girl 18

Released at: May 20, 2003 by Dream Girls
Christine is a beautiful girl with perfect 36DD breasts. The infamous Mr. Anonymous takes us for a day in the life of Christine with his usual wide-open and close-up views! "Sometimes I like to go to the grocery store in a mine skirt and no panties, I bend over in front of a guy so he can see my pussy!" Christine starts the day by showing us her hot body and some finger play. Christine gives us a cocks suck demonstration on a realistic dildo, and them makes us envious of that dildo as she tit fucks it! "I love for a guy to come on my face, and my mouth, and on my tits!" "I'm just so horny that we HAVE to find some toys!" Out comes her favorite (large) blue dildo, and it takes a deep penetrating dive into her pussoit. "I like toys!" She gets herself off on the living room couch, and then, it's off to the shower for a very soapy rubdown and pube shaving session with fantastic views of her voluptuous body. "A hot shower after coming is almost as good as the coming!" Back in the bedroom, Christine masturbates again, and again, and again...until she physically can't do it anymore! "I always masturbate at least once a day, but usually 3 or 4 times a day!" Wondering how many times she masturbates during our day? Watch the video to see!. Don't miss this incredible masturbation queen at her best - DreamGirls style!

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