I Swallow Twelve

Released at: November 2, 2009 by Rodney Moore
In a fantasy segment, sweet, innocent Angelina thinks it would be fun to do an adult video. Alas, she thinks adult videos are what she sees on the night cable TV: no penetration. Worse yet, a sleazy agent takes advantage of her, talking the naïve girl into sucking him, fucking him and even swallowing sperm! Kyla Swallows asks Rodney to tape her friend Lota, who wants to do porno but is afraid to be recognized. Kyla gives Rodney a wet, sloppy blow-job till Lota shows up with a lotta' butt, but one handicap: It's that time of the month. That sounds like an invitation to fuck her in the ass. Afterwards, Kyla lives up to her last name, downing Rodney's whole load. Discovering that Fawnna has shaved her pussy, Rodney says he can't fuck girls with bushes. (But he can play with her luscious breasts!) Instead of fucking, she blows him, and swallows his whole load. A fulfilling fantasy, Milena takes home a homeless guy and sucks his dick while her boyfriend watches from behind a door! He gets so horny that he joins them, and she swallows cum from both cocks. Michel wants to watch her porno movie on TV, but her satellite dish won't work. Rodney offers his TV, but can't tune the right channel. So she has to show him her XXX performance live. Rodney drags chunky Goth girl Cassandra home by her collar, where she blows him and takes it up the ass. Not surprisingly fat girls swallow too!

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Nick East

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