I Swallow Fourteen

Released at: November 12, 2009 by Rodney Moore
Hooker Sabrina: The only girl out on Hooker alley is Sabrina, who's cute but not dressed like a working girl. She whips off her pants to reveal the shortest, tightest hot pants imaginable. She's a 'ho alright, and boy can she screw! Rodney's van rocks like it's in an earthquake! Bruised Boob: When a girl on the street punches Tatiana in the boob, the injured Tatiana must visit Dr. Hooters. He examines her lovely, natural breats: of course she'll require a full exam with his meat thermometer. She swallows a big, healthy load of his medicine! Hot Hands: Deidre is a lava lamp repair girl. As she checks out Rodney's, he burns his hand on it. Now he can't touch his cock, which is all he wants to do after seeing Deidre. Fortunately, she tends a helping hand...and mouth. Boob Tender: Hoping to encourage a sleazy distributor to buy his movies. Rodney hires sexy Fawnna to tend bar topless in his suite at the porn convention. She'll earn a big tip if she'll blow him. Of course, Rodney must sample her oral skills... Hooker Ashley: Back on Hooker Alley, Rodney hooks up with cute Ashley. Giving him head in the van, she proves to be a monster drooler...and she swallows, too! Warm Wake Up: Krista awakens Rodney, but when he asks for coffee she offers a warm and creamy drink directly from her breasts! After a wonderful morning blow-job, grateful Rodney gives Krista something warm and creamy to drink, too.

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