I Swallow 9

Released at: March 27, 2001 by Rodney Moore
**Caf Rude:** Dining with Guy at Caf Rude, Alana finds waiter Steve quite obnoxious. Guy cautions her not to bitch; angry waiters may spit in food. When she yells and cancels her order anyway, Steve offers a complimentary tea. In the kitchen, Allison blows Chef Wolf and the waiter till they put something far worse (or better, if you take cream) in Alison's tea. Something about that tea makes her horny, so she kneels and blows Guy, who feeds her a protein supplement in place of her meal. **Cover Girl:** The only way Rodney can get Charlie to swallow his semen is to put her on the video box cover, even though he'd already shot a Vegas stripper for it. **First Tease:** That stripper, Tease Nightly, does more than tease in her very first sex scene. **Unretired:** Rodney wants Sierra to cum out of retirement for a scene. The "Cumm Sistas #6" box cover so excites her that she kneels right down, sucks Rodney and swallows every drop. **Trinity Dance:** Dancing nude in Rodney's room, Trinity isn't supposed to touch or be touched. Her mouth violates the rule on Rodney's cock, and his spunk violates the rule down her throat. **Fire:** Up in Seattle, Rodney and Celeste watch the fire department in action. He takes her home for some hotter action, and hoses down the fire in her throat. **Jenny Again:** In Atlantic City Jenny swallows more of Rodney's jism.

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