I Swallow 3

Released at: October 26, 2021 by Odyssey
**The Sperm Bank:** As nurses at a sperm bank, Lauryl and Elle get guys off and store the sperm in the lab. With the nurses' help, huge-dicked Wolfgang spunks into a test tube. But nasty Nurse Lauryl downs the fresh goo. She and Elle thoroughly blow two monster-cocked black guys, but again Lauryl intercepts the semen. Disappointed Dr. Rodney must once again donate his own load, but the insatiable nurse gobbles up his blast too! **Hooker Alley 1:** Rodney finds streetwalker Daejha plying her trade. She says specialties cost more, but Rodney is willing to pay for his - having her swallow. **Blissful Event:** While Bobbi talks on the phone about how she picked up a guy and fucked his brains out the night before, poor Rodney must listen and suck her pussy. His reward? A Bobbi Bliss blow-job, cum-plete with gallons of drool and cum swallowing! **Hooker Alley 2:** Back in the alley of ill reupte, Vietnamese Sami offers to "love you for a long, long time." She makes long love to Rodney's cock, till it shoots all over her face - then she gulps jism down with a spoon! **Insolent Sucker:** Tabitha takes on an insolent Red, who is willing to be her sex slave, but he gives her lots of lip (and tongue too). **Hooker Alley 3:** Spotting cute Vanessa strolling down the alley, Rodney asks for a "date." She's insulted - turns out she's no "working girl." Feeling bad, Rodney offers her a ride home. At his place, she gives it up for free... and she swallows! 2001 AVN Award Nominee for "Best Oral-Themed Series"

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