How To Make A Model 3

Released at: March 7, 2001 by LBO
Sunny Delight arrives in LA with her boyfriend Steve. After photographing Sunny, Steve watches Rodney pay homage to Sunny's beautiful butt, then he fucks her and wets her face with his skin cream. Sunny wants to take care of Steve, and Steve takes care of her asshole with his cock. He pulls out and cums, and Sunny licks the jism off his cock and fingers. Rodney invites Jessica Fox to pose for him. She poses seductively in several outfits, and then succumbs to Rodney's seduction routine. She takes his enlargement in her mouth and pussy before receiving a photo finish, Rodney style-face blast of emulsified love lotion. On the beach, Taj Mahal is admiring the sunset, while Rodney admires her body. After posing in the studio, she gets hungry. Sexy Gabrielle brings over some tacos, but Taj is more interested in her enchilada. They end up posing together, while Taj slowly seduces Gabrielle. Rodney joins in with enough froth for both girls' faces. Rodney is taking a nap, and in his dream, Chessie Moore wakes him with a face full of massive melons. She sucks him and tit fucks him, and then plows her pussy and butt. His dream ends with Chessie getting a face full of Rodney juice, to go.

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