Homegrown Girlfriends 4

Released at: June 3, 2013 by Homegrown Video
Scenes Include ============= Star - Debut With A Dildo & An Anal Ending ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jack J and Star want to make a film for Homegrown. Star gets her pussy ready by using her fat white dildo so Jack can watch. Star flips over and Jack fingers her ass, then she sucks his cock to get him ready. She slides a condom on his cock and gets fucked. They change positions and Star gets on top, her tits bouncing as she rides him. Then Jack flips her over for some anal. After fucking her ass raw, he pulls out and blows his load all over her tits. Felicity - Showered Up For Getting Off ----------------------------------------------------------------- Felicity sounds a little nervous about fucking in the shower on film. She rinses off, exfoliating all the right places. Once she is clean, the cameraman asks for a reward for filming. She takes his cock in her mouth as far as it can go, then he puts her up onto the counter to fuck her. She gets really into it as he fucks her hard & cums loudly. She asks him to cum inside her. He does and pulls out to let the creamy pie ooze onto the floor. Akira - Oiled Up And Rubbed Down ---------------------------------------------------------------- Justin and Akira are in the bedroom where they start making out. She asks him to take off his pants and grabs the Kama Sutra oils and puts some on her hands. She starts massaging his cock and rubbing his balls. She takes off her top and she continues with the handjob. Then she goes down and deepthroats his cock like a pro. He lays her back on the bed and climbs on top, putting his cock down her throat before he cums all over her chest. Emily - First Time On Camera Is The Best ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Emily is on the bed looking super hot. It's her first time on camera and she seems a little nervous. The camera man gives her a toy to play with and she is already wet and ready to go. She sucks on his already hard cock before she gets on the bed and gets fucked. He bends her over for some doggie and smacks her ass. She gets on top and fucks his cock, then blows him in the end swallowing his load. Paisley Monroe - Big Boobs With A Cream Pie ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Paisley blows her man making him rock hard, then grinds her pussy on his cock while her big tits bounce up and down. After doing missionary, she gets fucked from behind and gets a hot cream pie.

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