Heather Vandeven Panty & Lingerie 2

Released at: May 4, 2009 by Playtime Video
Heather Vandeven is your Christmas gift this year. She's wrapped up for the holidays in red and white lingerie decorated with snowflakes and white lace top stockings to match. Be patient as she unwraps herself slowly piece by piece. Don't cum just yet. Heather changes into a pair of white satin g-string panties and gives you the okay to cum on them. The panties come off as she reveals the gift that just keeps on giving. Heather wakes up from a nap to catch you spying on her and she quickly labels your illness. She's cruel as she laughs at you and makes fun of your panty fetish. She informs you that you are going to beat your little dick raw for her as she changes into 3 tight pairs of mound molding panties. Heather has specific instructions for your ass and she isn't going easy on you this time. Heather is confident in this scene letting you know how lucky you are to even get to look at her. You will worship her here as you're told to do. Heather changes into a pair of animal print panties and becomes a naughty kitty. She begins crawling around slowly and licks on herself before meowing at you. Now pay attention and follow her orders all the way up to her naked little pussy. Heather is your playful little school girl here. She's so sassy with her pig tails and pink plaid panties. This naughty little girl is set on making you cum all over her so she can get naked again. The dirty panties come off and she puts on a fresh pair of pink cotton panties. She pretends that you're her boyfriend now and she tells you just what to do for her as she gets naked all over again.

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