Hawaiian Video Magazine No. 4

Released at: March 16, 2000 by In-X-Cess Productions
Rachel is a sexy, slender 27-year-old Filipina with soft, dark skin and perfect, round breasts. She does an incredibly sexy strip-tease and you'll know she gives phenomenal brain and is a nasty fuck with her tight little body. Maria is an 18-year-old Columbian/Hawaiian with an incredible body. She's got perfect breasts and the nicest soft, small, round ass. She puts on a lingerie fashion show for us. Rika is a gorgeous 22-year-old Hawaiian/Filipina with soft, dark skin and a perfectly round ass. She loves to be spanked and allows us to do just that until her butt turns beet-red. Tamme is a sexy 22-year-old Japanese/Thai exchange student studying to be a doctor. She shows off her lingerie and lots of spreads. She decides she wants to experiment with a porno shoot and gives incredible brain that ends with a huge tittie cumshot.

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