Hanging Beauty

Released at: October 27, 2009 by Asian SM
Are you a fan of excessive hot wax and crazy bondage? Hanging Beauty features a very sexy female, with tattoos all over her body and she is as crazy as any other bondage girl you would know, watch as she is suspended in the air, being covered in hot wax it's a thing of beauty. She is also constantly fingered and is fucked by a dildo, when suspended in the air, she is constantly spun around being whipped and spanked. You can tell that she is extremely turned on during this movie, and once the master brings this submissive female down, she's so turned on that, the submissive female and the master male begin fucking once he removes all the ropes from her, this would definitely be a favorite for all you bondage lovers!

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Scene1: 00:00:13 - 00:04:42 (4:29)


Scene2: 00:04:42 - 00:33:16 (28:34)


Scene3: 00:33:16 - 00:59:42 (26:26)