Hairy Hippie Chicks

Released at: July 1, 2002 by Rodney Moore
**Petting Zoo - Annie Body & Rodney** Rodney goes to a petting zoo and finds a lovely animal to pet. This animal has lots of hair and really enjoys being petted, especially between the legs. Rodney takes the pet home and she gives him head. She cums and squirts on Rodney's face and he returns the favor by covering her face with goo. **Angelina Wants You - Angelina & Rodney ** After cavorting on the beach, Angelina invites you back to her place to watch her play with her hairy body. **Hairy Housekeeper - Cecilia & Rodney** I've hired the "Hairy Housekeeper" to clean my house, but I'm so turned on by her hairy body that she spends most of her time cleaning my pipes. **San Francisco Hippie - Jasmyne ** Jasmyne comes from Golden Gate Park to show off her very hairy body and then gets off. **Twilite Moon - Twilite Moon & Rodney ** This is for all you hirsute fans. Twilite is a lovely Seattle nice girl who answers Rodney's ad for video blowjobs. After she cums on Rodney's tongue, she becomes willing to let him have at her beautiful, hairy pussy with his cock. She gets a big Rodney Blast on her face.

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