Great British Grannies 2

Released at: October 11, 2012 by UK Simply Films
Freddie and G return in Great British Grannies 2, serving up a feast of Great British golden oldie action. G is working undercover for MISex and rendezvous with agent Storm to debrief her. G certainly does that as he leads her to the bedroom and slowly undresses the chubby sexagenarian. Storm releases G's cock from his trousers and immediately carries out a reconnaissance mission - with her mouth! G is intent on a covert operation and buries his face and fingers in Storm's shaved pussy before pushing his cock into her and shagging her in various positions until he delivers a wad of spunk on her chin. Now that's what you call cooking up a storm! G sees himself as an entrepreneur and opens The Dogs Bollocks look-a-like agency, billing himself as Elvis. He has a booking with pensioner Pat and serenades her with his best Elvis impersonation. She's not too impressed but G takes her upstairs and gets her all shook up as he performs a hip thrusting strip-tease. Pat's eyebrows rise in appreciation and she allows the brown eyed handsome man to head straight for her furry snatch. She swears he's the devil in disguise as he shags her mature pussy all over the bedroom! G then tries to pass himself off as Mick Jagger, and it's Hazel who wants to get some satisfaction. She smokes his rock hard cock and G gives her some tongue action before he parts her lips and pushes his cock into her bald pussy. He's like jumping jack flash as he takes her doggy style and her oversized belly undulates as he slams into her from behind. G tries his hand at Elvis again next and wants to be Kathie's teddy bear. She's a big woman with oversized hooters which G can't wait to suck on. He takes his time as he explores her chunky body and bald cunt, and G goes from a jack to a king as Kathie drinks down his boner! Pushing her legs back, G enters her frizz free snatch with ease and pumps her like a hound dog. Kathie clamps his cock between her massive mummeries and milks his cock until he unloads his warm paste onto her hooters. Great British Grannies 2 combines humour and sex in a combination that never fails to deliver. Another fine batch of dirty old grannies from the UK giving their all for Freddie's camera!

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Scene1: 00:00:01 - 00:35:36 (35:35)


Storm, G

Scene2: 00:35:37 - 01:02:53 (27:16)


Pat, G

Scene3: 01:02:54 - 01:35:37 (32:43)


Hazel, G

Scene4: 01:35:38 - 02:18:12 (42:34)